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Welcome to Mic Doja Music

  You just entered the world of Mic Doja, where dope music and fresh perspective collide. Here you can listen to music by Mic Doja and stay up on the latest news and events. Soon you will also be able to sign up for the Mic Doja Music Subscription (MDMS) service for access to the Mic Doja music archive, with hours of unreleased music and videos.  

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What’s New

  Welcome to the official launch of my website. This time I’m keeping things a lot simpler than last time. Here you will be able to still listen to new music but, you will also have the chance to hear song in the archive called MusicBox. Tons of unreleased music will be made available to those who love great music. So for this year there is another tour planned as well as a project release later this year. Recording will start in March and a few different studios will be used ranging from Ventura to Simi Valley. The project is only gonna be around somewhere between 7 or 13 songs, however this will be one of the most crowd pleasing albums thus far put out. That being said be on the look out for more updates. More blogs here

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